Sunday, April 06, 2014


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Sat/Sun, April 5/6

La Fira d'Andratx 
- The Spring Fair in Andratx 
Sa Taronja has a stand at the Andratx Agricultural Spring Fair, an important opportunity for Sa Taronja to present its public face and reach out to attract new members.  Location: Son Mas (the Ayuntamiento)

Times:  Saturday from 4 to 6 pm, Sunday from 10 to 2 pm.  (and we sell orange marmalade!)

Sa Taronja is also present on Saturday night from 9 p.m. in the Plaza de España, for the 7th "Tapas circuit" of Adratx.  

Come and try our tapas - a sneak preview of what will be on offer later this month in Limón y Chelo.

Tuesday, April 8

Extraordinary General Meeting of the Association 
In the Sa Taronja Theatre 8 p.m.
An open meeting during which a new Board will be elected (only members can vote) and new directions discussed. You can sign up at the beginning of the meeting if you would like to become a member and vote…  see more details in the attachment.  - 8 p.m. Info: 971 235 268

Saturday, April 12


A special edition of our series by the members and friends of the German Symhony Orchestra of Berlin.  

Chamber music concert: a piano trio with

Maciej Strzelecki, violin
Kamila Glass, violin
Victoria Vassilenko, piano

César Franck - Sonata in A major for Violin and Piano
Moritz Moszkowski - Suite in G minor, Op. 71
Dimitri Shostakovich - Five Pieces for Two Violins and Piano

Tickets: 20€   Discounts for Members, groups, students, unemployed
From 7 pm:  Tapas in Limon y Chelo
Please reserve!  971 235 268

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Wednesday, April 16

Concert happening with "WELTAUSSTELLUNG"
Sa Taronja open air - 7.45 p.m.
The artist group from Germany presents: "Cannibal Culture" - WORLD PREMIÈRE

Pianist Thilo Schölpen and the artist collective Weltausstellung, authors of many of the highlights of the PING! Festival at Sa Taronja from 2006 - 2010, are offering us a not-to-be-missed experimental concert which will end with the spectacular "sacrifice" of the prepared piano on which the group play. The Concert-Happening with prepared-piano starts as the sun goes down, and will end with the piano turning on the spit . . .It will be followed by a real barbecue in which CULTURE will be symbolically ingested.  Join us for this solemn rite - a world première - when the spirit of the new SA TARONJA will rise phoenix-like from the flames… This concert is the backdrop for a short film that Sa Taronja is making, designed to help publicise the cultural centre and its new departures.

starts at 7:45 p.m. on Wednesday, April 16th
Place:  Sa Taronja - outdoor stage
The CONCERT ONLY you can see for 5€
If you want to eat (after the performance):
20€  - includes cost of Barbecue and buffet. 

welt-Ausstellung is an alliance of site-specific noise-makers, visual artists,
 improvisers and composers of the absurd, based in Düsseldorf and Berlin: Peter Issig - Anja Lautermann - Uwe Möllhusen - Thilo Schölpen.
 They work in the field of sound-action, sound-installation, radio-art, 
music-theatre and soundtrackism.
 They wring unsettled ideas from a wide range of sound-sources of their own invention, varying their approach in order to experiment with a range of methods and standards.

 “We play each sound object that passes the test of significance: 
from massage tools to styrofoam, from selfmade  electronics to piano. 
We are not interested in the latest sound technology but in the raw and direct signal...
which is the basic principle of absurd composition. Absurd composition tends to be
doomed to failure and delivers an unexpected twist. Our ambition is to transgress 
from the internal motivation (of the composition) to the point of failure.”

Friday, April 18

Martin Buchholz -  

the Berlin stand-up political comic - appears in Majorca for one night only. 
(In German)
Always sold out, make your reservations 
early: 971 235 268. 
20€ (18€ members)

Tapas available as of 7 p.m. in Limón y Chelo

Saturday, April 19

  ...from New Orleans to 2014 ...

Improvisation, spontaneity and inspiration at a professional level has for many years been the leitmotif in Sa Taronja. And it should stay that way as long as possible ! - In musical terms this means JAZZ, for years an integral part of the cultural program. Jazz in all its shades and variations will be heard and seen this evening.  An organized session, spontaneous compositions and respectful references to jazz greats. Let us surprise you !

participating musicians:

Daniel Erismann  - trumpet, leader
Roger Machon -  sax
Geoff Frosell - trombone
Peter Issig - tuba
Anja Lautermann - flute
Soriana Ivaniv - violin
Geoff Evans - vocals
Thilo Schölpen - piano

Hans Meier, Fernando Rubin - guitars
Jan Kobrzinowski, Peter Issig - basses
Miguel Navarrete - drums


9 p.m. in SA NAU - Bar/Restaurant opens at 8 p.m. 
Admission: 8 euros - Reservations:  971 235 268

Sunday, April 20

in the Limón y Chelo patio 

with live music by a Jazz Trio on our outside stage
Easter Sunday as it should be:
A lazy Sunday in the garden, lamb and pork on the grill, fish too, an Easter egg hunt for the kids, and some impromptu music. The orange blossom will be out, the jasmine and some of the roses too - all good reasons to come and pretend the place is yours. Come and show it off to your friends in its spring splendour. 

Easter Egg hunt for children:  8€  - starts after lunch at 3 pm
Lunch:  Barbecue, all included, 25€, starts at 1:30 - 2 p.m.


Classes and Workshops  
(For Times and prices please call SA TARONJA at 971235 268  - or the teacher in question)

with Marta Bartolome and Lorena Castelnoble

Drawing, Painting and modelling for children and adults. Experimentation with materials, line, color, form and light.
All info: Marta 699561567, Lorena 610036176 or Sa Taronja 971235268
Call for current timetable.


with Dolores Acosta

Dolores offers a variety of dance classes:
Corporal expression and dance for the little ones: (3 to 6 years)
Using games and creative stimulation (visual and musical) the children create work based on their relationship to their bodies, movement and space.
Dance for children from 7 years and up:
Using the elements of contemporary dance, we educate our bodies, searching for our own way of moving, freely and expressively. A combination of technique and creativity.  
Dance for children 11 years and up:
Introduction to Contemporary Dance
Adults: Contemporary Dance
Specialised classes (individual or groups)
using the Cos-Art method
Movement for pregnant women
Contact and Info: 687 668 832 - Dolores Acosta - Dancer and Corporal Trainer
Please call for the current timetable

with Shadha (Karen)

Come and learn one of the oldest dances in the world.
Many physical and psychological benefits, apart from having fun.
Classes for children and adults, for beginners and advanced (trial class is free)
Please call for the current timetable
More information at or call 687 934 328

At certain times of year we offer Tango and Salsa classes. Call us for information

with Judy Ray    

on Friday mornings.
Join us from 10:30 - 12:00 on Fridays for a gentle but effective 
yoga class. Info: Call 971 673 625

with Linda Wenzek-Barth
Seminars in TAI CHI and 5 TIBETAN RITES

Introduction to ceramics with the Raku method with Rubén Cano.
This popular workshop takes place in the autumn.
Contact us for details
Courses in Music theory, classical and jazz guitar (and guitar-building) can be arranged.
with Christoph Siebel  (not currently available)
Workshops for children and adults
Languages: German, Spanish, English
Where: Sculpture garden, Sa Taronja
Theatre Workshops with Andrea Verone (not currently active)
Improvisation and drama in everyday life.

Please click on the map to enlarge it.  
For detailed description and other interesting info please visit our website: