Wednesday, December 02, 2015

We wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a 


We thank all of you who participated in the 
“MAXI-FIESTA" on Sunday December 13!

The event was an enormous success and we raised

€ 3032

for the school “El Hadjíi" in La Gueule Tapée, Dakar. More information will come out later.
There are still prizes to be collected by the winners of the Tombola -  if you have a winning number, contact Margalida (in Spanish, please! at tel. 638 945 698 in S’Arraco.)

The winning numbers are:
(see attached)

Note: the winner of the free tickets (Ticket Nº0203  VERDE/green) should move fast ... the event is next Sunday, 20th Dec.

Premios Rifa/winning prizes/Preise “MAXI-FIESTA” (Margalida: tel. 638945698)

Nº 0506  verde/green/grün   -  EL BOHEMIO, S’ARRACÓ
Nº 0307 
verde/green/grün  -  PAQUITA,PANADERÍA S’ARRACÓ                        
Nº 0124  Lila/violett  -  NATURAL CAFÉ, PTO.ANDRATX
verde/green/grün  -  SA TARONJA, LA SIBILA, 20/12
Nº0885  Lila/violett  -  RESTAURANTE ES PUPUT, S’ARRACÓ
Nº0485  amarillo/yellow/gelb  -  CA NA FORNERA
Nº0440  amarillo/yellow/gelb   -  CAN VIGUET,S’ARRACÓ
Nº0851  Lila/violett   -  TRATTORIA PIZZERIA, PTO. ANDRATX
verde/green/grün   -  CAN PRIMA,S’ARRACÓ
Nº 0523 Lila/violett  -   SA TARONJA CENA,  ENTRE EL 26 Y 30/12
Nº0378 Lila/violett   -  REGALO SORPRESA
Nº0371 verde/Green/Grün
verde/green/grün  -  CARETA DIMONI
Nº0489  Lila/violett  -   CAPSA JOCS
Nº 0227 Lila/violett   -  REGALO SORPRESA         
Nº 0767 amarillo/yellow/gelb  -  LOTE NADALENC, COALIMENT,S’ARRACÓ
Nº 0137 amarillo/yellow/gelb  -   CUADRO REGINE KEMPF
Nº0348 salmon/lachs  -   ABRE BOTELLAS DE PLATA
Nº0258 salmon/lachs  -   CUADRO DE ANDRATX
Nº0648  salmon/lachs  -   ESCULTURA DE RUT BOOS

Monday, December 7


This Must Be the Place (2011) 
European drama film directed by Paolo Sorrentino, starring Sean Penn and Frances McDormand. 
English version with Spanish subtitles

Cheyenne, a retired rock star living off his royalties in Dublin, returns to New York City to find the man responsible for a humiliation suffered by his recently deceased father during W.W.II. Sean Penn comes across like an arthritic bag lady and reveals without the slightest effort that he has a good heart and a quiet sense of humor. Few actors have played a wider variety of characters, and even fewer have done it without making it seem like a stunt.
It takes a film-maker as brazenly idiosyncratic as Paolo Sorrentino to even think of juxtaposing the Holocaust and the goofy comedy of pop privilege, a conceit that might strike some as an outrage. Yet the Italian director Sorrentino pulls it off not just with panache, but with prodigal brio. This Must Be the Place may be too erratically constructed to be a great film, but it's certainly great cinema – joyously imaginative, a folly to revel in. (The Independent)
Free Admission. 
In the old house, with comfortable sofas and a roaring fire.
The bar, with great Tapas, opens at 8 p.m., film starts at 9 pm.

Saturday, December 12

Flamenco guitar concert with
Alberto Alcalá is on a tour of Mallorca will stop by for a concert at Sa Taronja. He presents his latest album, "Ensayo y Error" (2013) and new work. Alberto lives in Madrid, where he is known as an independent musician moving freely between the landscape of his imagination and the musical influences anchored in him through his childhood - the deep-rooted echoes of the flamenco tradition of Andalucia.

Admission 8€ (6€ for members, students and unemployed). Vegetarian menu: 6€ / Reservations:  971 235 268

Sunday, December 13

from 5 p.m. – 11:30 p.m.

A celebration of and hommage to our recently departed dear friend Maximiliano Vicente Cea, with the objective of raising funds for a project very close to his heart, “El Hadjíi”, a school in the suburb of La Gueule Tapée, Dakar. Read more about Maxi in the attachment.

The programme will include a rummage sale, an auction, a tombola with many prizes, a puppet show by Toni Masegosa, monologues, and much music by (among others) : Omar Niang of Senegal, guitarrist Sebastián Moner, the municipal band of Andratx, the band of Xeremiers, and a fiery spectacle by the Dimonis d’Andratx. Full details to follow on our Blog next week.
If you would like to help, we need volunteers!
Call us on 680 567 494.

You can help out by supplying a gift for the Tombola, or giving us something for the rummage sale, by buying (and selling) raffle tickets, and by being a volunteer on the day of the event.

If you would like to help but cannot attend, you can also make a donation to the cause. Our bank details: Sa Taronja account IBAN ES96 0487-2065-17-2000 002755.  Please remember to put “donation El Hadjíi” on your bank transfer.

Monday, December 14


Free Admission.

In the old house, with comfortable sofas and a roaring fire.
The bar, with great Tapas, opens at 8 p.m., film starts at 9 pm. - (film to be confirmed – check this Blog)

Sunday, December 20

with Carmen Jaime, Hernán Livolsi, Biyi Amez and Xavi Villanueva

A very special night and an intimate look at an old Majorcan tradition. The Song of the Sybil is presented in Mallorca’s churches on Christmas Eve. Approximate length, 40 minutes.

Carmen Jaime brings us an informative and innovative presentation of the Majorcan Song of the Sibyl, outside its usual liturgical setting, emphasizing the great artistic value and tremendous strength of this piece of music that was declared a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO on November 16, 2010.
Xavi Villanueva in his introduction provides the historical context of this song, which dates back to the fourth century and whose peculiarities make it a unique sociocultural phenomenon.
Carmen Jaime’s version of this chant is intrinsically traditional, but imbued with a spirit of evolution.  The deep sounds of Hernán Livolsi’s didgeridoo echo the cataclysms described in the song, while Biyi Amez creates mysterious and ethereal sounds on the Theremin.

There will be bar and food service from 7:30 p.m. Tonight our invited cook will spoil us with various culinary delicacies with the taste of the Mediterranean.

9:00 p.m. - SA NAU - Admission:  10 € / Presales, groups and members:  8€

Monday, December 21


Free Admission. 

by Niel Jordan, 2005.
"The enchanting and hopeful "Breakfast on Pluto," adapted by Jordan from a novel by Patrick McCabe, has a hero who is a little mad and a little saintly.

This dark comedy stars Cillian Murphy as a transgender foundling searching for love and her long-lost mother in small town Ireland and London in the 1970s. Left on the steps of a priest's rectory and raised by a strict foster mother,  Patrick identifies himself as transgendered, renames himself Kitten and sets out for London.
“‘Breakfast on Pluto’ is a delightful fairytale that uses the very real world and its hardships – a long-lost mother, terrorism, abuse – as the theatre for much playfulness and wish-fulfilment.
It is a wild, imaginative and daring project that could equally be dismissed as chaotic and indulgent - or as wild, imaginative and daring. And it’s a hell of a ride…" 
(Time Out)

In Sa Taronja's old house, with comfortable sofas and a roaring fire.
The bar, with great Tapas, opens at 8 p.m., film starts at 9 pm.


pens from 26th to 30th December.
Entry is free – for the music, you pay what you like.
There will of course be good food and drink, starting at 7.30 p.m.  Music starts at 8:30 p.m.  Reservations necessary!  Leave a message at 971 235 268.

Saturday, December 26 - Boxing Day

Live music in Limón y Chelo on Boxing Day

Geoff Evans Duo
Singer-songwriter Geoff Evans (S’Arracó) will delight his fans with a special Christmas evening of songs, jazz and blues.

Entry is free – for the music, you pay what you like. There will of course be good food and drink, starting at 7.30 p.m. Music starts at 8:30 p.m. Reservations necessary!  Leave a message at 971 235 268

Sunday, December 27

Live music in Limón y Chelo

Geoff Frosell (trombone)
Richard Vinton (piano)
Miki Ramón (saxophone)

A festive buffet and great music…. . .in the sunny Patio or around the fire....

Limón y Chelo opens at 1.30 p.m. music from 2.30 p.m. 

Free admission. Reservations: Tel. 971 235 268

Monday, December 28

Live music in Limón y Chelo

Gypsy jazz with
Fernando Rubin (guitar)
Soriana Ivaniv 

(electric violin)
Echoes of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelli…

Entry is free – for the music, you pay what you like. There will of course be good food and drink, starting at 7.30 p.m. Music starts at 8:30 p.m. Reservations necessary!  Leave a message at 971 235 268

Tuesday, December 29

Live music in Limón y Chelo

Sebastián Moner - guitar

A night of Baroque music by guitarrist Sebastián Moner.  Sebastian will be playing – from his extraordinary memory – works of J.S. Bach, Leopold Weiss and other composers. In the restaurant:  it’s a special wild mushroom night.

Entry is free – for the music, you pay what you like.
There will of course be good food and drink, starting at 19.30 pm.  Music starts at 8:30.  Reservations necessary!  Leave a message at 971 235 268

Wednesday, December 30

Live music in Limón y Chelo

Sarah Boughton 

(violin, vocals)
Gavin Beale 

(guitar, vocals)

Two young talents bringing fresh musical ideas to Sa Taronja, with a mix of folk/ and roots-inspired originals and their own interpretation of songs old and new.

Entry is free – for the music, you pay what you like.
There will of course be good food and drink, starting at 19.30 pm.  Music starts at 8:30.  Reservations necessary!  Leave a message at 971 235 268
Maxi Vicente Cea

was born in Miranda de Ebro in the province of Burgos, on 03.26.1959 and died on 11.09.2015 in S'Arracó.

He arrived in Mallorca on a Spanish warship in January 1978. He was a mechanic. His first destination was the Naval Base of Sóller and subsequently the base at Porto Pi, along with seven other minesweepers.
His visit to the island coincided with the “last battle" in defense of Dragonera, and he immediately felt empathy with the young people and their fight to save it. In 1981 he left the Armed Forces alleging "lack of military spirit". He went back to civilian life, graduated from nautical college and decided to take up residence in Mallorca and become a Majorcan. He settled in Cas Concos (Felanitx) and by the year 1984, encouraged by his friend Manolo, he landed in  S'Arracó, which was where he was to spend the rest of his life.
It was while studying seamanship that his creative spirit awoke, and he started designing and creating objects, toys and jewelry, mostly from recycled materials. He became a member of the Municipal Choir of Andratx, and his drawings were used to illustrate the booklet published to mark the tenth anniversary of the Choir in 2000. He was currently preparing the illustrations for its twentieth anniversary. 
With the Andratx Municipal Band Maxi played the trombone; as a percussionist, he was part of the Folk Group, Aires d'Andratx, and was also a drummer in the band of Xeremiers of the City de Mallorca. He was a founding member of the Cultural Association Caparrots of S'Arracó, and he worked on the restoration of the giant figures. In recent years the aims of the association has been to dynamize the village festivals and revive local traditions. He also took part in the Parish council and was a member of the parish choir. A great lover of nature with a passion for organic gardening, for seven years he ran the garden at the primary school Els Molins, and taught the children of S’Arracó the respect of nature and the love of plants.

A self-taught percussionist, in 2000 he made contact with the African Master Seydou Sissokho and began taking classes in Djembe. In 2001 he traveled to Africa for the first time, and two years later returned once again. It was on his third trip to Senegal when a friend who knew of his interest in ecological farming took him to a school in a suburb of Dakar to lend a hand at creating a small school garden. The experience at the primary school El Hadjíi, in the La Gueule Tapée, Dakar, sensitized him to the needs of the community. He returned very thoughtful, and decided he must do more to help.

After raising 600 euros with a musical event held in S'Arracó he returned to Dakar in 2007 with the money.  The small sum meant a big difference to the school. In the last year of his life he began raising money again, having decided to revive the project and continue to help, while inspiring others to get involved and increase the donations and effectiveness of the aid. To this end he set up his stand in the S'Arracó market on Saturdays.  The stand, overflowing with plants, reflected his creativity and became a focal point for the village children, who learned with him how to float gourds in water to make simple drums, or create simple toys with sticks and string. He was a man that no one in the village will forget.

 Journalist and photographer Lorenzo Gutierrez added:

"He had a serious demeanour, and his way of understanding life came from deep Castilian roots, he spoke with conviction and showed respect for the land, the people and their customs. When he first arrived he had never seen a Majorcan before in his life but he had no hesitatation about dressing in traditional peasant costume, setting to work to revive local traditions such as "joc de s'embutat", or playing the drums with the "xeremiers", or starting a small garden to teach the village schoolchildren to work the earth, trying to compensate for the gap that has opened up in the transmission of ancestral knowledge from father to son. He was to be seen in every popular celebration, playing games, dancing, making music; it was touching, to see a “Majorcan” speaking with the accent and vocabulary of Burgos, enthusing about everything around him.

 . . . We'll miss you, Maxi.”



December 2015
Classes and schedules

(more info: 971235 268)   

with Dolores Acosta

Cos-Art Method. Corporal education based on the functioning of the nervous system, bringing balance, agility, strength and spontaneity to the body and movement.
Bring your mat and a blanket.
Wednesdays from 9.30 to 11.00 pm
Fee: 40 € /Month

Body Language and Dance for children. Through games and creative stimuli children explore and develop their ability to be in touch with their bodies and to express themselves through movement.
Wednesdays from 4.30 to 5.30 pm, for children 3 years and over.
Wednesdays from 5.30 to 6.30 pm, for children from 5 years and up.
Schedule to be confirmed for the over–sevens.
Fee: 25 € /Month

Dance and Movement for adults. An investigation of movement aimed at developing the body and its relationship with space, listening, and creativity.
Wednesdays from 7.00 to 8.30 pm.
Fee: 40 € /Month / Info: Dolores Acosta: 687 668 832

with Judy Ray

Yoga for all, from beginners to advanced.
Classic Hatha Yoga, meditation and relaxation with music. This popular form of Yoga stresses the connection, balance, and attunement between the physical and mental while moving through the exercises. We emphasize the importance of each person working at their own level, with their own individuality, while striving for greater strength, flexibility, and concentration.
Bring your mat and water.
Friday from 10:30 to 12:00 a.m. / Info: 630 917 190 /  Fee: 5 € per day

with Marta Bartolomé and Lorena Castelnoble

Art classes for adults
Wednesdays from 6.30pm to 9pm;
Fridays from 10.30am to 13am.
More info: Marta Bartolomé 699561567

Art classes for children and teens
In our workshop, we see art as a means of relating to oneself and to the environment. Considering that each child is a creative being with an innate need to explore and investigate, we emphasize the imaginative process and encourage children in their creative thinking by providing the tools and the setting for it to flourish.
- Children from 3 to 6 : Mondays 5.30 -7 p.m. with Lorena Castelnoble
- Children and teens from 7 upwards, Fridays 17.30 – 19.30 with Marta Bartolomé
Fee: 40 euros a month, including materials
Marta Bartolomé. Tel: 699 561 567
Lorena Castelnoble. Tel: 61003617

more info: