Wednesday, December 02, 2015

We thank all of you who participated in the 
“MAXI-FIESTA" on Sunday December 13!

The event was an enormous success and we raised

€ 3032

for the school “El Hadjíi" in La Gueule Tapée, Dakar. More information will come out later.
There are still prizes to be collected by the winners of the Tombola -  if you have a winning number, contact Margalida (in Spanish, please! at tel. 638 945 698 in S’Arraco.)

The winning numbers are:
(see attached)

Note: the winner of the free tickets (Ticket Nº0203  VERDE/green) should move fast ... the event is next Sunday, 20th Dec.

Premios Rifa/winning prizes/Preise “MAXI-FIESTA” (Margalida: tel. 638945698)

Nº 0506  verde/green/grün   -  EL BOHEMIO, S’ARRACÓ
Nº 0307 
verde/green/grün  -  PAQUITA,PANADERÍA S’ARRACÓ                        
Nº 0124  Lila/violett  -  NATURAL CAFÉ, PTO.ANDRATX
verde/green/grün  -  SA TARONJA, LA SIBILA, 20/12
Nº0885  Lila/violett  -  RESTAURANTE ES PUPUT, S’ARRACÓ
Nº0485  amarillo/yellow/gelb  -  CA NA FORNERA
Nº0440  amarillo/yellow/gelb   -  CAN VIGUET,S’ARRACÓ
Nº0851  Lila/violett   -  TRATTORIA PIZZERIA, PTO. ANDRATX
verde/green/grün   -  CAN PRIMA,S’ARRACÓ
Nº 0523 Lila/violett  -   SA TARONJA CENA,  ENTRE EL 26 Y 30/12
Nº0378 Lila/violett   -  REGALO SORPRESA
Nº0371 verde/Green/Grün
verde/green/grün  -  CARETA DIMONI
Nº0489  Lila/violett  -   CAPSA JOCS
Nº 0227 Lila/violett   -  REGALO SORPRESA         
Nº 0767 amarillo/yellow/gelb  -  LOTE NADALENC, COALIMENT,S’ARRACÓ
Nº 0137 amarillo/yellow/gelb  -   CUADRO REGINE KEMPF
Nº0348 salmon/lachs  -   ABRE BOTELLAS DE PLATA
Nº0258 salmon/lachs  -   CUADRO DE ANDRATX
Nº0648  salmon/lachs  -   ESCULTURA DE RUT BOOS

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