Friday, October 31, 2008

Flamenco Night - Friday, November 7

We are delighted to have guitarrist Carlos Jambrina with us, in our restaurant Limón y Chelo.

The two vital ingredients of Flamenco are technique and soul. Carlos Jambrina has a big dose of both. Well known in Palma where he is a regular performer at the Posada de Bellver and other venues, Carlos has dedicated his life to flamenco music. A self-taught musician, he was 24 when he fell in love with flamenco, and since then has made it his life's work. In addition to mastering the many different styles ("palos") in the flamenco repertoire, he can speak about its history and development, from its Gypsy and Andalusian roots, the influences of Moorish, African, and Jewish musical styles, from the flamenco Jondo (serious, tragic) to the Flamenco Festero (joyful).

As he says, Flamenco has become his path through life; for him it embodies all human emotions, love, pain, happiness, passion, light and darkness. Watching Carlos play, one can believe this: he lives and breathes flamenco, he is a performer who puts his very soul into the music, and carries his audience along with him. Flamenco is all about feeling. and to express this feeling, flamenco uses powerful forms, which can leave no-one indifferent. One either loves or hates flamenco...

Music: 9 p.m.
Concert: 8 €
Concert and menu: 25 €
Reservations, please. 971 136368

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