Monday, December 22, 2008


Christmas is the time of year to show solidarity with issues and organisations you support.
And while helping Sa Taronja, you can also solve your Christmas present dilemmas.

The following make great presents:

- A piano key: 88€
By buying a piano key - for yourself or as a gift for another - you will be helping to pay for the Bechstein piano Sa Taronja aquired this year. There are still 35 keys to be sold. Owners of a key receive free entry to piano concerts for a year, and 20% off the price of other Sa Taronja events.

- Membership: You can offer a gift of Full Membership or introduce someone to Sa Taronja as a "Friend"
Full members recieve a 20% discount off all Sa Taronja events, 20% discount in the restaurant Limón y Chelo, and have the option of using Sa Taronja's facilities free, once a year, for their own parties or events. And of course they can pick their own oranges and lemons! A member who makes a gift of full membership will receive 15€ off their own membership for that year.
New Membership 90 €
Returning membership 75€
"Friend" supporting membership 25€

- A voucher for a dinner in "Limón y Chelo"
25€ buys a voucher for a 4-course dinner in Sa Taronja, wine included.
A great way to introduce someone you love to our special restaurant.

- T-Shirts
We have a variety of Sa Taronja T-shirts (PING! and Jazz Festival) for sale at 10€ each.

- Bio Orange and Lemon Marmelade and other products
As usual every winter we make marmelade and other delicious natural products.

- Course in Classical French cuisine with Chef Gustavo Tempesta
6 Saturdays from 14-18 h, starting in January.
45€ per class or 200€ for the entire series.
Price includes dinner

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