Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cine Club - Thursday, March 12

"Laughter Therapy"
Silent movies in SA TARONJA

Harold Lloyd: SAFETY LAST (1923)

Country boy (Lloyd) heads to the big city to seek success. While working as a clerk in a department store, he talks the manager into offering $1000 to anyone who can bring more customers to the store. He then arranges for a friend, a "human fly"(Strothers), to climb the face of the store building as a publicity stunt. Unfortunatly the "human fly" is a wanted man, and when "The Law" (Young) shows, our hero must make the climb, himself. At each ledge he encounters new difficulties, climaxing in the famous 'clock scene.'

Sa Nau opens at 19:30.
Film at 21:00.Free entry

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