Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sunday, May 3 – “Las Sobremesas de Sa Taronja”: Unhe Trio

Three Basque musicians, each a master of his instrument, are on tour in Mallorca. With an unusual mix of instruments, rhythms, catchy songs and ballads in an original trio made up of Vibraphone, Piano and Trumpet, they are preparing a Sunday surprise. Jazz fans of the Dave Brubeck style will find as much to enjoy as lovers of new music.

Juanan Aizpúrua - Vibraphone
Iñigo Peña - Piano
Josu Ayarzaguena - Trumpet

Sunday-lunch -Grill party with Concert
Specialities from the Grill : 2 p.m.
Conzert at 4 p.m. in Sa Nau
Total price: 22 €
Conzert or lunch alone:12 €
Reservations : 971 235 268

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nancy said...

A most perfect Sunday afternoon! For those that missed this relaxed garden atmosphere and the barbeque/buffet,the original jazz tunes of this talented trio....Oh boy!! Keep your sa taronga calendars handy. Don't loose out again on the unique events, folks and fun to be had here. Bring your friends and enjoy this little gem in Mallorca. Nancy