Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Painting Day – Saturday, July 25th

From 10.30 to 18 h Sa Taronja throws its doors open to all who love to paint and draw - or who always wanted to.

We expect experienced artists to bring their own easels and materials. For beginners, we will have a selection of easels and drawing boads on hand, with basic materials for painting and drawing, and several artists and teachers will be available to give tips and run workshops.

MARTA BARTOLOMÉ, art teacher from the Port of Andratx School, will be there to guide and encourage children and adults.

KATIE STEVENS, painter, sculptor and mosaic-maker, will offer a couple of workshops. She says:

Before we can draw, we must learn to SEE, and seeing can be enhanced when we get rid of some of our pre-conceived ideas. How about copying - right-side-up - a picture that is up-side-down? Or concentrating on the spaces between the objects rather than on the objects themselves? How about starting out in one medium (say, colored chalk) and then, after only 50 seconds, being asked to switch to another (charcoal). And then, 2 minutes later, told to put down your charcoal, pick up your feather and dip it in ink. Etcetera - until you are told that time has run out! These exercises get your painter's mind moving.

And of course there are some useful tricks. Do you think that a line is just a line? Not at all! There are thin lines and thicker lines, lines that thicken and then thin out again, lines that break up, or lines that are lost - and then found again. And what about the proportions of the face? Do you know that there are mathematical equations for this? If you divide (crosswise) the oval of the face in half, the eyes are on the dividing line instead of somewhere higher up, as most of us would guess. And the distance between the eyes is an eye's length...

Katie will be giving a workshop in upside-down drawing from 11 to 13:00 and in "Changing mediums" from 4 pm to 6 pm.

There will also be a children's radio workshop from 10.30 to 13:30 with Eva Ulmer. (see 5.Jul)

5€ Admission for the day, 5€ admission to individual workshops. Refreshments will be available.

More information: 971 235 268

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