Thursday, February 25, 2010

Facebook workshop by Paul Betts - Thursday, March 11


This workshop (in English) will help you decide whether or not your business or activity needs a Facebook presence.

The Workshop lasts two hours, and the presenter, Paul Betts, will stay for as long as required afterwards to continue the discussions. Additionally, everyone who attends can request a Free 2 hour individual coaching session with the presenter.

The session is split into 4 sections:

1 - Why we believe Facebook (which is totally free of charge) can help the Sales and Marketing efforts of absolutely ALL businesses and activities.
2 - However: the question - "Is it right for you" - needs to be answered. What is the effort required to be successful?
3 - How easy is it to do some of the viral marketing activities?
4 - ..and many other appetite-whetting ideas.

If you want to bring your laptop, you can leave with a Facebook presence.

Most important, you will know why you have the presence and how to make it interesting to your ever-growing list of visitors.

The cost of 25€ includes snacks, drinks, the workshop AND the individual 2 hour coaching session!

The Workshop will start at 18.30, and will take place in the main house - with a roaring fire!

This workshop will be repeated in Spanish and German if there is sufficient demand.

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