Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Saturday, February 25

Something new at Sa Taronja: an excursion into mysticism.

Can we make our own luck? ANGELA ZARINI, well-known clairvoyant from Barcelona, thinks we can.

Angela Zarini is a clairvoyant, paranormal investigator and futurologist, known for her use of the tarot and the crystal ball - but also for her training in psychotherapy and her insistence that our destiny is in our own hands. She is to give a talk (free) on Saturday evening, in Spanish, and for those who would like to pursue the subject further, there will be a seminar on March 10th.
Join us at 6 pm on Saturday Feb 25th to find out how to "REGENERATE YOUR DESTINY"
The talk will be given in the main house. Let us know if you plan to come - it helps us plan.

TEL: 971 235 268

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