Monday, July 29, 2013

Thursday, August 15

Special event:

Piano transcriptions of Kraftwerk, the pioneers of electronic music by pianist Thilo Schölpen, accompanied by a live interactive digital video creation by video artist Peter Issig.

The 45-minute program, which has been performed in various festivals since its première in 2005 in Dusseldorf (including Floating Island in 2008, Electrinity in 2009, Electricity in 2011, Small Beast in 2012), is to be presented this autumn in New York in the Spectrum festival of Brooklyn.  

"My concept was to take the purely electronic music of Kraftwerk and transform it into a mechanical work. The idea for the program grew out of my lengthy involvement with solo piano. The goal is to transmit rhythmic, abstract, sequenced melodies through one’s fingers, playing in real time. Kraftwerk’s melodies and rhythms, with their “pop” appeal, are perfectly suited to implement this concept." (Thilo Schölpen)
The performance is accompanied by an interactive digital video animation which is programmed to respond to the music, by video artist Peter Issig. He has developed a system whereby the music controls the animation, and thus creates an ongoing analogy between the music and the video.
It is a privilege for Sa Taronja to be able to present it in Mallorca for the first time.

The concert starts at 21:00 in Limon y Chelo. Admission is free. Limited seating! Table reservations for dinner ideally at 7:30 or 10 p.m.

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