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Wednesday, October 23rd

Flamenco guitar

Technique and soul: the guitarist Carlos Jambrina in Sa Taronja

Walking through Palma, you may have already seen and heard Carlos Jambrina, flamenco guitarist extraordinaire, one of the best street musicians in the city.  A striking and unusual man, no stranger to bad fortune, he is a street musician by choice and has made his living at it for many years. Cultivated, multi-lingual, philosophical, a man with style, flair and irony, (and extraordinary resilience) he has chosen his path and stuck to it, dedicating his life to flamenco since the age of 24. Self taught, and with no flamenco roots, he has mastered the many different styles ("palos") in the flamenco repertoire, is knowledgeable about its history and development, its Gypsy and Andalusian roots, the influences of Moorish, African, and Jewish musical styles, and is now a walking flamenco anthology. And what's more, he has that essential ingredient of flamenco, the "duende".
We are very happy he can be persuaded to give up the pavement in front of the Bar Bosch every now and again to come and play at Sa Taronja, where his passion, spirit and great musicianship always go straight to the heart of his listeners. If your life is lacking a little color these days (or if you just want more!) come to Limón y Chelo and warm yourselves at the flame of Carlos' flamenco. To see Carlos Jambrina play, putting all his soul into the music, is to understand at once the meaning of "duende" - the spirit, or rather the sprite of flamenco that enthralled this man and that will captivate you too...
Music from 8:30 p.m.  - Restaurant opens at 7 p.m. - FREE ADMISSION 
Chef Mariano Torres of Limón y Chelo will add his own pinch of passion to the meals served up tonight. Dinner a la carte. Reservations: 971 136 368

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