Monday, May 05, 2014

Andratx, in May 2014:  
SA TARONJA has a  new board of directors:

On Tuesday April 8th at the Extraordinary General meeting of the Association, the members of the old Board resigned and a new Board was elected. We are delighted to have such a range of talented people of different ages and backgrounds as the new leaders of Sa Taronja. They have come together with the expressed intention of keeping the Association alive and steering it through this dificult transition period. Their immediate goals include increasing the membership, programming events for the next 6-month period, and working out a long-term funding strategy. The new Board presents a healthy mix of old and young, Spanish and other nationalities, and a wide range of interests.
The new Board consists of the following members:

President: Dolores Acosta, dancer and dance teacher, originally from Argentina, has been associated with Sa Taronja for over 10 years, and represents the interest of many artists in the area who use the facilities at Sa Taronja. She divides her time between working for independent dance companies in Mallorca, giving classes and bringing up her two children.

Vice President: Harriet Sztumpf, English, grew up in Pto Andratx before moving back to England for studies and work. With a degree in photography and with skills in art direction, she worked for many British publications including Elle and the Sunday Times. She moved back to Mallorca ten years ago and set up a production company for photo shoots and documentaries. She is very interested in getting involved in programming for Sa Taronja.

Treasurer: Ursel Kooke, from Germany. Ursel has a background in teaching and more recently as organiser and administrator of non-profit organisations and foundations, such as the The Wau Holland Foundation which helps to process donations to WikiLeaks. Her experience will be invaluable for Sa Taronja and under her guidance we hope to be able to access funding from Brussels and move nearer to the goal of turning Can Burgos into a foundation owned by Sa Taronja.

Secretary: This position is filled by Gracian Gralik from S'Arraco, part of our youth volunteer group. Gracian is a musician and currently works as a gardener, and has some experience in the protocol of association meetings through his periods of work practice at the Ayuntamiento. He has been active as a volunteer for the Association during the last two years.

The membership of the Association and its outgoing Board, headed by Tina Horne, are extremely happy to welcome the new directors to the job and wish them every success.  Tina Horne will continue to be connected with the Association as a member, and plans to dedicate most of this year to the search for a permanent financial solution to Sa Taronja's (Can Burgos') funding problems.

MEANWHILE.... although the new Board has announced no programme yet, they are working on it. All your ideas and suggestions are welcome - please write to any of the above at

See you on Tuesday!

 Tapas Bar in the Cultural Association Sa Taronja.
971 23 52 68

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