Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Sunday, June 7

Theatre in Sa Taronja:


by Rebecca Alabert (in Catalan) / 5 €

'Dali is dead,' is a show that is based on the death of Salvador Dalí, using the language of the Buffon to enter the surreal world of the painter. The character of the Buffon, the clown, a grotesque universal that is beyond good and evil but which has a deep connnection with the common unconscious, lets us laugh at our own death and the decay of our bodies.

There will be dinner and bar service in Sa Nau from 20h.

A fanatical nurse is taking care of Salvador Dalí in his last days of his life. The nurse, mistress of ceremonies and spiritual guide, constructs a religion of surrealism, bringing the public into the ritual, so that she can finally become Salvador Dali. She also recreates the figure of the artist’s own muse, Gala, assistant and guide to the same Salvador Dali. These two clowns lead the public through a maze of sensations which ends in their conversion to Surrealism.

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