Thursday, November 26, 2015

At the end of November we will be publishing a list of events for December, including 4 new films, 2 concerts, a night of the “Sybilla”, and jazz club.


There will also be a very special event to honor long-time member and tireless supporter of Sa Taronja and of all cultural events of the area,

Maximiliano (“Maxi”) Vicente

It was with great grief and consternation that we learned this week that Maxi died last Monday very unexpectedly. Our thoughts are with his family and friends. He was a familiar face at every concert and a participant at all our events, a musician (djembe drummer, trombone player), a gardener, an artisan, and much, much more. S’Arracó is in mourning, having lost one of its most singular citizens.  It is hard to imagine a Sa Taronja event without Maxi. Along with other groups in Andratx and S'Arracó we want to honor his memory and raise money for his cause. For years, by selling plants in the market and other initiatives, he has been donating funds to a school in Senegal that needs many basic supplies.  His friends are many, and they will come with their talents to animate the evening. If you would like to participate or have useful ideas, please contact us.  

The date proposed is Sunday, December 13th but this is subject to confirmation.

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