Thursday, February 12, 2015

Friday, February 13


Pulmón Beatbox (Dani Lleonart) is a “live producer” whose music echoes funk, electro-swing, tech-house, latin and dub. The beatboxer and vocalist produces all kinds of music making each session into a unique event. On stage he uses supersonic devices that allow him to create entire productions triggered only with his voice. His strong rhythms and electric-organic sound makes people dance like crazy!

We will be hearing both his original work and the songs and versions of the likes of Ray Charles, Bob Marley, Lipps Inc, Manu Chao, Daft Punk or Skrillex.
SA NAU 9 p.m. / 6€
here we give you a little taste..:
The bar will be open (with drinks and snacks) from 8 p.m. in SA NAU

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